Positive Posters 2011 Entries

Print(Poster) / Illustration
Project: Positive Posters 2011 Entries
Description: Positive Posters is a Melbourne based non-for-profit organisation that hosts international poster competitions with different themes each year and design events. I submitted four posters to the 2011 competition.

A – Keep in Touch
No matter how the communication technology evolves, people always have needs to connect, communicate and socialise with others. Actually studies show people are paying less attention to their relationships with others in the community. Instead, they are focusing on their jobs. Scientists believe this is one of the reasons why people are not as happy as they could be. Pick up your phone, pen and postcard, or whatever you prefer, send a message or simply say hello to your friends and relatives. Just Keep in touch!


B – Caution!
Forests not only are habitats of thousands of species but also store carbon, aid in regulating our climate, purify water and mitigate natural hazards such as floods. Forests once covered 50% of land area on Earth, but now they have been destructed rapidly mostly by human activities. This poster aims to alert people how much trees we have consumed. They are not rechargeable like a battery and we could lose all if we keep doing what we are doing.


C – Born with Death Threat
In some countries, sexual and non-sexual violence, dismal healthcare, desperate poverty and lack of access to resources happen to women everyday. Their gender shouldn’t be the cause of how they are treated or viewed.


D – Global Warming
There is still climate change denial in this real world with extreme weathers worldwide. Some people think it’s a remote issue and won’t affect them. This poster is trying to push the reality and show the irony of meeting a polar bear whose home is also disappearing.


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